Black Lotus app follow-up

Almost three weeks since the automatic renewal and I still do not know how much they charged me. How is this possible? How to access my account? How to regain control? How to stop this app from charging me without my consent?

Meditation YES, Black Lotus app NO

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have received your support request and we are processing it. Every feedback is important to us and we will get back to you within the next 24-48 hours. Breathe. Smile. Meditate. Let Go. Black Lotus Team

Quick update on Skiff’s Mail

Skiff extends access til 2025, for 12 months from acquisition meaning you have more time to find the perfect email app. That is not true! Be careful!

My dashboard(s) or how I cheat on GTD

Daily to-do lists and simplified priority coding have proven inadequate in dealing with the volume and variable nature of the average person’s workload, according to David Allen. He has a strong opinion on that matter: No More ‘Daily To-Do’ Lists on the Calendar. What does this have to do with a dashboard anyway?

My physical Tickler file

It can be an extremely functional tool, allowing you to in effect set up your own postal service and 'mail' things to yourself for receipt on a designated future date. It is…? It is…? The Tickler file!

My calendar(s)

According to David Allen, a calendar has to be accessible. In keeping with this idea, nowadays, digital calendars are the norm, but are they without disadvantages? And what about the good old paper-based planners? Of course, the choice between a digital or paper daily planner ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs. What are mine?

Do I have a GTD setup 3.0 in the pipes?

The Notion GTD Dashboard is a comprehensive, customizable template that helps you manage tasks, projects, and goals using the Getting Things Done (GTD) method, leading to increased productivity and organization. Looks nice indeed, but it ain’t free!

My OneNote GTD setup 2.0

I managed to accomplish what the OneNote Setup Guide by GTD promised but did not deliver. I simplified my existing setup and turned OneNote into a real, standalone task manager.

Two tips for Microsoft OneNote

Which are the features that you miss most in OneNote and you’d like the devs to implement? Some may already be there, but you might not know about them…

GTD in OneNote, my failed attempts

The amazing journey of using Microsoft OneNote for project management is one to behold. From forming to-do lists to setting deadlines and assigning tasks, OneNote is a comprehensive solution. Really? So why do I miss so many task-management features?