A website for your podcast

You need a website for your podcast, granted, but what kind of website. Which options are available? What is the best solution?

The Who and the When

What skills do a podcaster need? Can you do everything by yourself? How long does it take to launch your first episode? This post concludes the Five-Ws-and-How series.

Where to start?

Previously on the CogitActive saga: after choosing podcasting over blogging, I started a blog! Why? I owed you an explanation. Here goes.

How to podcast?

Where is the instruction manual? Is there any guide to podcasting? My journey through the various sources of information.

Why a podcast?

Blog vs Video vs Podcast. Why I have chosen podcasting as a content-delivery medium? What makes podcasting unique?

What is a podcast?

What should you say when people ask you what a podcast is? From dictionary definition to page-long explanation: the quest for a simple, adequate answer.