Replacing with another registrar?

Now that has sold its soul to the devil, it might be time to reconsider my decision to entrust them with my domain name. Could I find in 2023 a registrar as good as the late (the one I opted for in 2018)?

Gandi and credit card expiration

I have configured my Gandi account to benefit from automatic top-ups via my credit card if my prepaid account is no longer sufficient to honor my invoices. But what if my credit card expires?

Gandi Automatic renewal – emendation

A year ago, I learned the hard way that the Automatic renewal feature and the Automatic payment go hand in hand. Having configured both properly since, I could now check how Gandi handles the renewal of my domain name.

Gandi Automatic payment

Your domain name matters, right? Therefore, to make sure it remains yours, you chose a reliable, reputable registrar. You also applied all the domain security practices you could think of. You even opted for an auto-renewal service not to worry about renewal notifications. Yet, a little oversight can cost you your domain name…

Gandi Automatic renewal

Your domain name is a valuable asset. The good news is that there are many measures to make sure it remains yours, the first one being: DO NOT LET IT EXPIRE! Auto-renewal is a great safeguard for that matter unless...

Domain Transfer – Should I?

I have already addressed the pros and cons of keeping domain name registration and web hosting separate. Why bringing the issue back? What did prompt me to write this post?

To www or not to www?

Which between the www and non-www versions of the URL is best? How to implement your decision using WordPress? Can you guess which one I have chosen?

48 hours!

How to know if I have successfully pointed my domain name to my website while keeping my e-mails at my registrar? Before anything, I had to wait for DNS propagation. How long does it take?

Pointing my domain name to my website

Pointing your domain name to your web hosting is a straightforward procedure. However, imagine you want to keep your e-mail with your registrar. This apparent simple configuration brings an all-new level of complexity. Is there any way to resolve such a configuration?

Registering my domain name

The registration process on itself is straightforward. Using as my registrar, I didn’t encounter any troubles whatsoever. Anyway, here is how it went – plus some little extras.