Do I have a GTD setup 3.0 in the pipes?

Short answer: NO!

That being said, telling you that this possibility hadn’t occurred to me would be a lie. When I was struggling with the shortcomings of my OneNote initial setup (see GTD in OneNote, my failed attempts), I often ended up on YouTube videos showing the GTD method implemented in Notion. Coincidentally, this was around the time I was looking for a replacement for GandiMail and my unearthing of Skiff. What is the link you might wonder? The answer starts with an article about OneNote alternatives (from Skiff, should I mention).

TL;DR: Notion is one of the best OneNote alternatives if your main focus is collaboration and project management. Besides letting you create robust notes, the app makes scheduling and monitoring tasks easy without additional software. But, as opposed to Skiff, it has limited text formatting options, and no end-to-end encryption of course.

“Still don’t get it! Why not go with Notion then?”

First, I did not know about it and I didn’t even have it (installed). Second, and maybe the most important issue as far as I am concerned, Notion does not have a true offline mode, as it’s a cloud-based web app that relies on an internet connection to work properly. Last… There is no third reason; Notion is free (for individual use) and I could live with the aforementioned limited text formatting options.

Here is the final answer: I chose Skiff because of its email service, but Skiff comes with four End-to-end encrypted services: Skiff Mail, Skiff Calendar, Skiff Drive, and Skiff Pages.

[Skiff Pages] is a clear clone of the popular Notion application’s interface and note-taking structure.Odin Halvorson

So, it looks like I had already access to an alternative to Notion. The icing on the cake was that Skiff Pages was about to have offline access. Not to mention that Skiff comes with twice as much free storage as Notion.

“So, did you shift from OneNote to Skiff Pages?”

As I said, when I was considering the shift, Skiff didn’t have offline access yet, so I put this option on hold and kept searching for how to improve my OneNote GTD setup…

… and, not only did I manage to simplify my existing setup, but I also turned OneNote into a real, standalone task manager!

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