Getting Things Done – the book – conclusion

… starting from the point where the story stopped.

The conclusions

I hope this book has been useful—that you have started to reap the rewards of getting more done with less effort and stress.David Allen

Yes, it was; yet, I have not started to reap any reward. As already alluded to many times, the initial capturing process – as far as I am concerned – is a Sisyphean task; my backlog is endless!

The inventory of still-unprocessed stuff that has accumulated in one’s mind and physical environment

I will have to set aside time when I can tackle my mental, physical and electronic stuff, one location at a time (e.g., work emails, photo folder, boxes in the attic, etc…). Unfortunately, the initial capturing, for some stuff, will become a Project or a Someday/Maybe item; I cannot spend a few more months filling my in-tray without moving on (i.e., going to the next steps of the method and actually doing things).

My time to conclude this mini-series on the book with two questions:

“Should you read the book?”
“Yes, definitively.”

“Is reading the book enough?”
“No, unfortunately, it isn’t.”

I am not telling that I (or you) should follow the invitation1 at the end of the book. I am just saying that after my first reading of this book, I still have too many questions unanswered2. In particular, I do not have a clear picture of what a typical week should look like. Again, when should I Clarify (step 2) and Organize (step 3)?

Once or twice a day!

It took me a while, but I found this answer in this video:

By urgencyflows

I will try to find more like this, but to be honest, it is hard to find useful (non-redundant) info on the web.

1 The David Allen Company provides training, coaching, assessment, and consulting programs . . . use more in-depth coaching and training to install, implement, maintain, and leverage these practices for yourself personally and/or professionally . . . explore the wide range of products and services on our Web site. ^
2 The video series to piece everything together was quite useful, but still not enough. ^

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