The N26 nightmare – part 3

… continuing the story.

Your registration has been successfully reset. Therefore, you can resume this procedure on February 26.

These few words still echo inside me, You can resume this procedure on February 26. No way! First, I had interrupted my two-week visiting my wife (see The N26 nightmare begins) for a supposedly quick fix – before I could say “Jack Robinson”, right! Second, I had to pay this one-euro social security contribution as fast as possible (see When all the crap hits the fan at the same time…).

Come on, I was trying to open an N26 bank account since February 5 already. Besides the hassle, this had already cost me a phone (not mentioning the cost of an extra round trip). No way to wait for another week.

No way to remain impassive

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My first attempt was to reply to F.‘s email. Briefly, I explained him that the App was about to work – most probably thanks to his intervention – but I was logged out at this very moment. Since this forced logout, I could not reconnect and my password was invalid. Then, I asked him about the date when I should be able to restart the procedure:

Why so far? I’ve been struggling to open an account for 13 days (since February 5). I even had to buy a new phone, for that matter.
Does this (“restart the procedure”) involve all the steps of creating an account or just the identification part with the app? Given the wait, wouldn’t it be better to start all over again? After all, my password (or my email) isn’t even valid anymore…
Looking forward to your response (good news if possible)…

Needless to say, F. never replied to my email.

Really? No workaround?

The following day, still without reply from F., I contacted the chat again. Maybe, I would come across a person as nice as L was. As I said, if I was indeed no more in their system, why to bother waiting that long; I could start a brand new application from scratch – immediately! Well, A. was sympathetic; yet, she was clear:

“You have to restart the whole procedure after February 26.”

How did I get into this mess? Why did paying a one-euro tax turn out to be so complicated? Yes, you have ridden correctly, just one euro – $1.11 (for the conversion at the time). All this is because of the Donate button on this blog (see One last thing about being a micro-entrepreneur) – you are welcome to show your support, by the way – and my own1 five-euro contribution. So much troubles2, for so little! Will I manage to pay this damn one-euro tax – forthwith – upon financial penalty?

Time of birth

February 19 – 14 days already! How long is “forthwith”?

I had promised my wife to be back for her name’s day and to spend two weeks with her (see The N26 nightmare begins) and I kept my word. After all, I was already late and few extra days wouldn’t make much difference. Moreover, there was still no response from my inquiry to the French administration (see When all the crap hits the fan at the same time…). Therefore, I decided to go back to Germany – for two weeks – and to come back to France in early March…

To be continued…

1 From my wife, to be accurate! ^
2 See When all the crap hits the fan at the same time… and all the posts that follow. ^

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