The N26 nightmare – part 6

… continuing the story.

I had to regularize my situation as soon as possible. The border with France would re-open on May 4… Perfect . . . This is when I realized that I made a mistake! A quick and simple solution that would allow me to continue the sign-up procedure […] was to create an alias, but […] it was too late.

Indeed, M. (from the N26 chat) had already reset my account, not allowing me to try my quick and easy fix. I would have to wait for another 24 hours. Now, the border being closed, I could not go back to my wife anyway. Besides, having some sleep before driving – or resuming the procedure over, once again – would be wise indeed (see The N26 nightmare – part 5). The journey back was no more on the agenda for today!

24 hours later – May 5

The following day, I was in the starting blocks, waiting for the 24 hours to be over. Needless to say, I was eager to be done with this N26 nightmare and, more importantly, to regularize my situation with the French Organization for the Collection of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions, namely URSSAF (see When all the crap hits the fan at the same time…). I was about to start the signing up process – for the umpteenth time – when I received an email from M.:

Hey Alexandre,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Kindly I would like to inform you that the account has been reset, you may start again after 24 hours from now.
Please don’t try before as the system is still finishing the last steps.
Have a great day,

N26 Customer Service

“What! The 24-hour waiting period was supposed to start from yesterday, i.e. 24 hours ago! Did I need to wait another 24 hours from the reception of this email?”

To the next level…

I contacted the chat – again – and was told by K. that I had to wait for 24 hours from now indeed. I don’t know why, but I decided to explain the whole story. How I had to buy a new phone just for having an N26 bank account (see A smartphone), the stupid geolocalization matter (see The N26 nightmare begins), and all the issues with the App after that. I was screwed anyway (with the border); maybe I was hoping for something…

K. decided to ESCALATE my case.

To be continued…

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