New Year’s resolution – time to take stock

About a year ago, I set my goal(s) for 2022 (see New Year’s resolution): to resume the CogitActive Saga and to have CogitActive back on track. The problem back then – still a topical issue, actually – was that time was way too scarce since that fateful 2020 summer.

A day has 24 hours, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.Sydney Axelrod

This is the question I asked myself at the end of the aforementioned post. Naïvely, I also said, In the coming posts, I will let you know which approach(es) I have opted for. I didn’t know what I was walking into when I said that. 54 posts later, I have not provided you with an answer yet.

The reason is that it took me a while to find an answer. How to find enough time to do all that I want? Not at the cost of quality, of course! And without cutting any of my activities out (see A nonsolution). This quest brought me from simple tips1 to save time (see How to find time?) to a 41-post-long mini-series on time managementthe art of having time to do everything that you need.

Did I resume the CogitActive Saga? Nope. Did I put CogitActive back on track? Nope2. Are these goals still current in 2023? Yep. Could (good) time management help me get more free time to do all that I want? It should.

Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.Lord Chesterfield

In the next post, I will compile the many tips, tricks, and methods to develop good time management skills (from the many posts published last year on the subject matter), and finally answer the question which approach(es) I have opted for.

1 Do one thing at a time (no multitasking). Finish what’s almost done. Amp up your downtime. ^
2 Worse still, I had to backtrack (see A difficult decision). ^

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