Being a micro-entrepreneur – Epilog

All good stories eventually come to an end; even the not-so-good stories, actually. Now, there are six general types of ending: Resolved ending, Unresolved ending, Expanded ending, Unexpected ending, Ambiguous ending, and Tied ending. How did my micro-entrepreneur story end? Maybe this quote can give you a clue: Every story has an end, but in life every ending is just a new beginning.

The N26 nightmare – the end?

There are many reviews about N26, with or without catchy headers like 7 Must Knows Before Sign Up, My honest N26 review, Pros and Cons Uncovered. However, they all say the same thing: Opening an account with N26 is easy and quick – all you need is proof of ID, an email address and a mailing address (to receive your Mastercard). What about the actual reviews from customers? And, equally important, what about those who have never reached the last step of the registration process?

The N26 nightmare – part 9

Following a United Kingdom (UK)-wide referendum on 23 June 2016, the UK decided to leave the European Union. On 31 January 2020, the so-called Brexit came into effect. Under the terms of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, the UK will not be part of the European Single Market anymore. More importantly, after the Brexit transition period ended in December 2020, UK banks would no longer be allowed to serve customers in the European Union…

The N26 nightmare – part 8

When your luck is out, it's really out. Of course, I am not the only one having difficulties with them. Now, if it is so hard to get an N26 bank account, how could N26 [be] one of the world’s fastest growing banks today? Are they counting all the rejected attempts as customers? Maybe…

The N26 nightmare – part 7

After so much trouble and stress, I was about to reach this oh-so-desired step 4 of the sign-in process. Three months that I was struggling to open an N26 bank account. So many issues taken care of, so many hours on the chat; this was it…

The N26 nightmare – part 6

Like if this was not long enough… Eighty-six thousand and four hundred seconds indeed! Now, the wait will have to be twice as long. Should I mention Murphy’s Law again?

The N26 nightmare – part 5

Stress can cause all kinds of issues. In particular, under stress, you are prone to mistakes. When your thoughts are occupied with something else (e.g. a stressful event that happened earlier in the day), your ability to pay attention to, keep track of, or remember steps in the task at hand is reduced. QED.

The N26 nightmare – part 4

Spoiler: none of the events related in this post are linked to the N26 bank; still, they are key factors that hampered my fourth attempt to open an account in this online bank.

The N26 nightmare – part 3

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, the adverb "forthwith", which is especially in official use, means immediately, without delay. A one-week further delay clearly didn’t fit with this definition…

The N26 nightmare – part 2

Having more than one person dealing with my concern could create problems because the two of them would likely interfere with each other's work. I know this; still, I could not but act hastily…