A dedicated bank account

An account exclusively reserved for professional operations, right? Owing to the growing number of micro-entrepreneurs, banks have developed specific solutions. Some have taken into account the particularities of this legal status and offered rates adapted to small structures, while others…

One last thing about being a micro-entrepreneur

As previously apologized, this micro-entrepreneur mini-series will consist of short, storytelling posts, instead of the usual in-depth, informative articles. While the first seven posts (including this one) introduced you to the micro-entrepreneur status, they aimed at setting up the stage for the story to come…

There and back again, a yo-yo tale

January 1, 2018 marked the death of the social system of the self-employed, the so-called RSI. Often decried by policyholders, the RSI was indeed replaced by the SSI, the latter being then integrated into the general Social Security scheme. Creating a common social protection service for all workers came with the promise to improve the quality of services and simplify administrative procedures…

Other obligations

One of the benefits of the micro-entrepreneur status is an exemption from the panoply of accounting regulations and processes that govern the operation of those who use the standard régime of taxation. Exemption?

More taxes

Even if you work from home, the Tax Office will ask you to specify the area occupied for the purpose of your business. No matter how small this area is, taxes still have to be paid!

Social security contributions

In the meantime, your company is declared to the tax services as well as to the compulsory social protection schemes (RSI, URSSAF, etc.). This declaration is the starting point for social, fiscal and accounting obligations.

Newspaper publishing, really?

Following the declaration of your activity, the INSEE assigns you an identification number for your business and a code qualifying your activity…

Becoming a micro-entrepreneur

The tax penalties provided for in the event of error or omission in income tax returns are defined by articles 1727 to 1731 of the French General Tax Code. Something better avoided!