Which labels for my reaction buttons?

If you could leave a quick feedback without the hassle of writing a full textual comment, what would be your top 1-2 word comments? Share your opinion and, in doing so, make my reactions buttons fulfill your needs. The choice is yours!

A reaction plugin 2: temporary measures

After React & Share two-week notice, I had to look for a reaction plugin again! It was no easy task the first time, but now the clock was ticking…

React & Share – two-week notice!

After installing the React & Share – Customizable Reactions Buttons plugin, I enjoyed the professional look of the reactions buttons for a little while. When all of a sudden…

A reaction plugin

I was looking for a system for my readers to share their quick comments (e.g. “Thank you”, “Great post” and the like) somewhere else than in the comment section. I went through several plugins – each with their own unique feature sets, dashboards and customization options – before to decide on…

Restricted to Gravatar?

I wanted to add a picture for my user (in the “About the user” section of Users > Your Profile) but was confronted with this: you can change your profile picture on Gravatar. What?

What about Jetpack?

What is Jetpack? The short answer is as follow: a popular plugin that brings a host of theme customization, engagement, analytics and performance optimization features in one single package. There is no doubt that it can be helpful and has plenty of benefits to offer. However, is it worth the convenience?

Do I need Akismet?

When it comes to tackling spams, Akismet is apparently the go-to plugin. Pre-installed with WordPress, it is however not active by default. While it would filter comments automatically, leaving (in most cases) only real comments from site visitors, the question arises if this plugin is actually necessary to control comment spams. Should I activate it or should I delete it?

Goodbye Dolly

Although the very existence of Hello Dolly as a core plugin has been much discussed over the past few years, it is still included by default in every WordPress installation. What is its purpose? Is it critical to WordPress functionality?

Network Admin Plugins

There is not much difference between the regular Plugins menu and the Network Admin Plugins one. Yet, what is specific to Multisite as compared to a regular WordPress installation?

Bye-bye Classic Editor

A wave of panic surrounded the forthcoming of WordPress 5.0 release. Indeed, the latter was featuring the new Block Editor, namely Gutenberg, which was utterly dreaded. The Classic Editor plugin was proposed as the solution to the Gutenberg problem.