Setting up WordPress Multisite

Multisite is a feature already built into WordPress, but disabled by default. How to enable it? Are there any guidelines? What to expect during the process? Let’s begin, shall we?

FTP or File Manager?

What is the best method to edit files on a web server? Is there any advantage or disadvantage of using one method over the other? What are they anyway?

Let’s Encrypt

HTTPS support is among WordPress minimum requirements. How to make your website compliant with this requirement? More importantly, how Let’s Encrypt and SiteGround simplify the whole process.


Finding the perfect hosting provider is certainly a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider that you may be tempted to opt for the most popular or cheapest company. That would be a mistake; you don’t want to treat this selection process lightly. Keep reading if you want to know why I decided to entrust SiteGround with my website.

A hosting provider

Should you care for unlimited storage and bandwidth? What about 99.9 percent uptime guarantee? Do these features matter anyway? What is important to consider when looking for a good hosting provider?

A web host

Given the dizzying array of options available, appreciating what kind of technology you really need for your web host can be daunting. Figuring out what are WordPress minimum requirements can help you narrowing down your choices.

A self-hosted website

A self-hosted website means that you have to put few things together in order to have a website. How does this work?