Gandi and credit card expiration

The question now is to see how Gandi handles credit card expiration. Given my newly registered card, this is not a concern for now, though.CogitActive

This is how I ended up my post on Gandi Automatic payment – almost three years ago. In that post, I explained that Gandi’s Automatic renewal and Automatic payment features go hand in hand. Indeed, back then, I didn’t register a payment method so that my prepaid account would always be topped up. Oops! Fortunately, I was notified in time and this mistake didn’t cost me my domain name (see Gandi Automatic renewal). Now, the time has come to see how does Gandi handle credit card expiration?

In keeping with notification, two weeks before the actual expiration date, I received a warning email:

The card active on your account [obfuscated] will expire soon [obfuscated]. Once the expiration date has passed, the card will be automatically removed from your automatic provisioning management interface and the [automatic top-ups via credit card] option deactivated.

There was also a link to the page where to add a new card (or activate a card already present in my interface). For the sake of safety, I didn’t use that link; you never know (see A registrar). Anyway, I logged into my account, went to the Billing section (on the left), and then to the Payment method tab (on the top); the path suggested by the aforementioned link. There, I was surprised to see that not only was my credit card already considered expired but also that I could not do anything but trash it. How come? I had still a week before the actual expiration! The only explanation I can think of is as follow: by registering my new card somewhere else (see Payment Method Expiration Approaching), I must have ended the validity of the previous one prematurely.

For that reason, I had to Add a payment method using the same procedure that I described in Gandi Automatic payment. Once back on the Payment method tab, my newly registered card was still “being created”. Nonetheless, I deleted my old card by clicking on the trash icon (and confirming this was not an error).

I was a little worried about the deactivation of the automatic top-up option (see above). However, I could not find anything in the interface (e.g. toggle ON/OFF). After reading my post on the subject matter (my manual now), I was happy to see that adding a card was enough indeed. In keeping with verification, I also double-checked that the Automatic renewal feature was still activated.


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