Using my hosting provider’s email service – not an option!

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One of my options – the easiest and cheapest – would be to use SiteGround’s email service.

“Should I remind you that hosting your email on your website host is not a good idea?”

Although it might be tempting to use the email account(s) that comes with your hosting plan (it’s free and easy to set up indeed), there are quite a few reasons to keep your e-mail separate from your web hosting:

• If your website goes down, so does your email.

• If your website gets hacked, so does your email.

• It will take up space and bandwidth (and your mailbox size will depend on your hosting plan).

• You don’t want to be locked with a hosting provider; migrating emails can be from tricky to awful.

For these reasons, I decided back then to keep my e-mail account separate from my web hosting and ended up with this complex setup:

Pointing domain name from Gandi to website hosted on SiteGround while keeping e-mail services at Gandi.
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“Okay, I will not take advantage of SiteGround’s Email Migrator then! But what about using a different (web) hosting provider? I could have my website hosted with SiteGround and my email hosted with another web hosting provider.”

Some web hosting companies do offer standalone email hosting plans indeed! Remarkably, if you look for email hosting, you will see many articles listing these options among other dedicated email hosting. The problem is hosting providers specialize in web hosting, not e-mail. Their systems are specifically tailored to host websites and the support that is provided for email hosting is only a secondary consideration.

• They may fall short of reliability, security, and privacy features.

• If another person on your shared server is sending spam, your (shared) IP address will get blocked and flagged as spam as well.

• Their spam filtering can be poor, not to mention their virus scanning.

• They generally use poorly designed interfaces and their webmail options are limited.

• Support will be less specific and helpful than the one provided by a company focusing on email.

Hosting a website needs an entirely different kind of functionality and system when compared to hosting an email. This makes website hosting systems poor at performing some email requirements, such as spam control.Jesse Ocean

And if all these reasons were not enough, look at their prices! Although their email hosting plans are generally cheaper than their web hosting plans, the formers are as expensive as those provided by dedicated email hosting companies which are experts in email management! Think twice!

At first glance, these plans look feature-rich and cheap. It becomes extremely tempting to buy into shared hosting, not just for your website but also for your email. And you know what? You may eventually give in to that temptation. But sooner rather than later, you realize something is just not right. Your email slows down for no reason. Things stop working without a warning :-(((the_leaders

To be continued…

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