SiteGround monthly report; one more

As we have seen a great interest in the reports and given the fact that website speed is just as important as website security, we’ve decided to provide you with yet another useful feature – Monthly Performance Reports.Daniel Kanchev

Like Monthly Security Reports, this newly available Monthly Performance Reports was announced on SiteGround’s blog. The post has the same structure as the previous one:

  • What you’ll find in the Monthly Performance Reports
  • What are the benefits of the Monthly Performance Reports
  • How to receive your Monthly Performance Reports

The first section can be summarized in one sentence: Each month we’ll automatically check a number of performance categories for your site: cache ratio, CDN usage, datacenter and network speed, WordPress optimization and others. Again, you can find a more informative article in their Knowledge base in which the performance areas covered are listed:

Detected performance incidents – Checks if your site currently has any performance problems detected.

Cache Utilization – Checks the cache ratio of your website, as well the status of the NGINX Direct Delivery and Dynamic Cache.

CDN Usage – Checks if you are using the SiteGround CDN.

Data center and network speed – Checks if your website is hosted on our ultra-fast hosting platform.

MySQL Setup – Checks if your website is running on our custom MySQL setup, optimized for speed.

PHP Setup – Checks if your website is using the Ultrafast PHP setup.

WordPress application optimization – Checks if the SiteGround Optimizer plugin is installed and active and if the Memcached database optimization functionality is activated.

As for the benefits, Daniel Kanchev, the author of the post and Director Product Development at SiteGround, listed only three:

  • Easy and regular access to information
  • Actionable tips
  • User-friendly structure
The reports include a score based on a number of automated checks, explain how the different services we provide help your website load faster, and suggest additional options that could boost your website’s performance even further.SiteGround

Needless to say that my score will be far from perfect! Many of these performance areas are associated with Premium services indeed. I will just receive – every month – the same recommendations on how SiteGround paid options could improve my score. Thanks, but no thanks!

Given my experience with the previous reports – both the first and second ones – and with SiteGround modus operandi in general, I could not have cared less about the last section, which is the instruction on how to activate this new feature. But again, it doesn’t matter because they will gradually begin to proactively send the reports to all [their] clients. So, whether I opt for this (annoying/useful?) feature or not, I will receive it anyway.

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