SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools – part 12

After the switch to Site Tools, I discovered that the SiteGround AutoUpdate tool was dysfunctional (see part 10). I first thought that the culprit was a mishap with my settings (due to the migration). However, setting them back to their pre-migration status was not enough to correct the problem. I ended up updating my WordPress installation manually, hoping that my changes will be enough to fix the issue:

I want to believe that the next releases will be handled correctly.CogitActive

I didn’t have long to wait for my response. Few weeks after this incident, WordPress 5.6.2 was released and …

“Guess what!”

In fact, there was another “bug” that could have also impeded the update process. The tool was indeed not able to identify the new version of WordPress correctly: WordPress unknown now available. At the time, I speculated that this could be a problem with point releases (i.e. minor update).

You’ve guessed correctly! The AutoUpdate tool failed one more time! My WordPress was not updated immediately (as it should have been), I did NOT receive any email from SiteGround either before or after the update (see part 10), and my security plugin informed me that my WordPress version was out of date.

When I accessed the tool (Site Tools > WordPress > Autoupdate), I could not believe it:

Status: UP TO DATE
Current version: WordPress 5.6.1

Seriously! How could SiteGround have messed their own tool up? AutoUpdate was such a great tool before the migration to Site Tools (see Updates & Upgrade Network). What a shame!

Let’s hope this problem is limited to minor releases. In fact, I will know very soon:

WordPress 5.6.2 is a small maintenance release focused on fixing user-facing issues discovered in 5.6.1. The next major release will be version 5.7, currently scheduled for release on March 9, 2021.

To be continued…

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