Happy 20th Anniversary

The official anniversary date of WordPress’s launch is May 27, 2003.

Protected excerpt

By default, post’s visibility is set to Public. One of the option to protect your content is to use the Password Protected feature. Now, WordPress displays a password-protected post differently. In particular, it will not print a password-protected post’s Excerpt until the correct password is entered. How to overcome this behavior?

Post Formats

Many themes no longer support them. Some people actually claim, it’s a largely obsolete feature at this point. Indeed, while premiered in WordPress back in 2011, Post Formats are a powerful feature that is clearly neglected nowadays.

The Video post format

This is how the Video post format looks like in the Twenty Seventeen theme.

GDPR part 9 – Comment form adjustment concl’d

After few weeks of wandering in the legal limbo, it was time to translate this newly acquired knowledge into practical coding. After eight posts on the subject matter, it was also time to conclude this mini-series on the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR part 8 – Comment form adjustment cont’d 2

Terms of Use (aka "Terms of Service", "Terms and Conditions", or other similar agreement names) are legally binding contracts. In theory, yes, they are legally binding between the parties who agree to it! In practice, however, a few things can make this agreement unenforceable. Better to know them upfront…

GDPR part 7 – Comment form adjustment cont’d

Should I, and equally important, can I add a Privacy Policy consent checkbox to my comment form? Apparently, to make a contract enforceable, the user needs to have notice and to give consent (among other things). But what do I know; I am neither a lawyer, nor an attorney.

GDPR part 6 – Comment form adjustment

One of the idea circulating about the GDPR is that it requires consent for all types of data processing. Is this true or just a myth? Specifically, what should I do to make my WordPress comment form GDPR-compliant?

GDPR part 4 – Privacy Policy

Under the GDPR, you are required to draft a comprehensive, yet simple, Privacy Policy and to make it accessible to your users. Easier said than done!

GDPR part 3 – Oops!

One of the main problem with modifying a theme directly is that any update will overwrite your changes. What if the solution to that problem becomes the source of another? There are two sides to the coin indeed.