From Skiff Mail to Zoho Mail

The process should have been a breeze and it was. Not only did I know what to do (I did the transfer a few months ago, so it was still fresh), but also Zoho setup wizard is fantastic. I didn’t anticipate the process to go so smoothly; and yet…

Replacing with another registrar?

Now that has sold its soul to the devil, it might be time to reconsider my decision to entrust them with my domain name. Could I find in 2023 a registrar as good as the late (the one I opted for in 2018)? – disappointing and untrustworthy! – concl’d

As explained in the previous post, prices have skyrocketed. As a bonus, has also discontinued its free email service. In fact, the latter becomes a paying service with a resulting 646.64 % increase in the price of my expenses (that I would have to suffer if I stayed at What should I do? – disappointing and untrustworthy! – cont’d

From November 30, 2023, the free GandiMail service is reaching the end of its life. We therefore advise you to upgrade to the higher offer of our new email service which will be offered from July 13, 2023. Why should I pay for my mailbox that is supposed to be included? Right! – disappointing and untrustworthy!

It all began with only a few pioneers of the free internet, and 20 years later, it became a small but mighty international business with 150 employees spread over three continents; with values that remain unchanged and make Gandi unique and independent on the market. Unchanged! Really?

Gandi and credit card expiration

I have configured my Gandi account to benefit from automatic top-ups via my credit card if my prepaid account is no longer sufficient to honor my invoices. But what if my credit card expires?

SiteGround new Centralized DNS

Faster domain resolving, enhanced protection against DDoS, improved resilience and redundancy of the service, and easier management of multiple domains. These are the promises of the SiteGround new Centralized DNS, but to benefit from this new DNS service, you first have to update your DNS settings.

Site Tools (vs. cPanel) – part 8: Email

Hosting providers can include an email account (i.e. space on a server where email are stored and then retrieved by email programs) as part of their package. In their Email tutorials, SiteGround tries to give answers to all of your questions regarding your email accounts. All, really? I don’t know, I have never checked…

Site Tools (vs. cPanel) – part 7: Domain

cPanel has made it easier to manage your domains in a single place, that is from your hosting account. What about Site Tools? Apparently, you can create and manage subdomains and parked domains. Okay, anything else?