From Skiff Mail to Zoho Mail

The process should have been a breeze and it was. Not only did I know what to do (I did the transfer a few months ago, so it was still fresh), but also Zoho setup wizard is fantastic. I didn’t anticipate the process to go so smoothly; and yet…

Replacing GandiMail with a new email service

Sorry, there is no TL;DR for this article. You will have to read the first half if you want to know which free email hosting provider (with custom domain name and unlimited aliases) I have opted for and the rest of the post if you are curious about the migration process. – disappointing and untrustworthy! – concl’d

As explained in the previous post, prices have skyrocketed. As a bonus, has also discontinued its free email service. In fact, the latter becomes a paying service with a resulting 646.64 % increase in the price of my expenses (that I would have to suffer if I stayed at What should I do?

New Data Center

Paris, France's capital, is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Beyond such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city has now a new data center and a in-house built SiteGround CDN.

SiteGround’s servers

Having fast website load time is essential for good user experience. The server location does have an impact on your website’s speed from the end-visitor standpoint. Therefore, your best option is to choose a server that is located near your potential visitors.

More about SiteGround Performance Reports

Do you want to know How SiteGround helps you win the website speed race? If so, you can check SiteGround Best Website Optimization Tips and Tricks blog post, listen to the recording of their Maximizing Your Small Business Website Speed on a Budget expert panel available on YouTube, or simply read this post.

SiteGround monthly report; one more

After the Monthly Security Reports, SiteGround launches the Monthly Performance Reports. What’s next? The Monthly – put the name of their premium feature here – Reports?

Second SiteGround Security Report

Will I receive – every month – a notification that I should purchase Site Scanner? This was a question I had before receiving the first Security Report from SiteGround. This was more a figure of speech than an actual question; still, …

SiteGround Monthly Security Reports – I knew it!

It didn’t take me long – when I look at the score breakdown – to realize that I was right. I knew it; still, I needed to get to the bottom of the matter.

SiteGround Website Security Reports

Get a summary of your site security status sent straight to your inbox each month with our new Website Security Report! Our monthly security reports cover everything website-safety related – from the security measures SiteGround has taken to protect your site, to areas you may have overlooked. That’s the promise…