Time management – is it working?

Having a toolkit of techniques and strategies is one thing, but time management is an ongoing process – a constant challenge!

Maybe with a little help

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Re-thinking my emails concl’d

Don’t let your email control you. Instead of letting my inbox control me, I have decided on a workflow that allows me to achieve inbox zero. Not only have I taken back control, but also the time I would otherwise have spent dithering about emails and/or searching for them.

Re-thinking my emails cont’d

Microsoft Outlook categories can help you organize your data with minimal effort. Granted, it may take a bit to set up your structure, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Microsoft makes it very easy to change things. And by using categories, folders, rules, etc., you can build an efficient workflow that suits your needs. A bit!?

Re-thinking my emails

Organizing your inbox is paramount to keep you productive. In keeping with this idea, Inbox zero might be the elusive goal, but it can seem nearly impossible to get there with thousands of previous emails clogging up your inbox. Where to start?

Healthy Minds Program

The ground-breaking Healthy Minds Program App uses neuroscience, contemplative traditions, and skill-based learning methods to help you develop the skills for a healthy mind. Indeed, this free app offers a clear sequence of well-structured courses. I love it.

Insight Timer free vs. Medito

Insight Timer offers a lot of content in its free app, but as opposed to Medito, it is not a free app. According to the many reviews out there, Insight Timer is truly an amazing meditation app with an impressive and extensive meditation library, but are they referring to the free app or the premium subscription?

The Modern Story of Buddha

An enlightening and inspirational video – watch it till the end!

A free meditation app?

There’s no shortage of mindfulness and meditation apps these days. Finding a good one can be overwhelming, but finding a free one is even more daunting; still, I managed to narrow my list down to two apps.

Black Lotus app – last update

Did they read my posts? Without any proper answer to my tickets, I was wondering if they even read the latter. But eventually, they realized something was wrong… Their latest email could be the final nail in the coffin for the Black Lotus App.