Meditation can be described as the technique to achieve a heightened sense of consciousness and focus. Guided meditation can filter out the ‘noise’ of your thoughts and provide you with a calmer, more focussed mind. Can this help me?

Time management concl’d

First, I did research all the time management techniques out there and they are many! Then I share with you the ones I found the most interesting. Now, it’s time to compose my system from the techniques that fit me best.

New Year’s resolution – time to take stock

Do I belong to the 88% statistics? Time to figure out whether setting my goal as my 2022 New Year’s resolutions was a key to success, or not.

GTD – shall I?

Too much to handle and not enough time to get it all done. While going through many time management techniques, I could not find a single one that would allow me to achieve more with less time. Until…

Holiday break

Holidays offer you the time to relax, rest, step back and take stock of your personal life, your needs, your desires and why not your future projects. Essentially, holidays serve as one of the best, if not the best way to ensure a good productivity at work. Despite my exhaustion, I did not plan to go on holiday. Instead…

An essential complement to GTD?

While Getting Things Done offered a primer and a simple manual, Making It All Work is intended to provide you with a road map—one that will enhance your ability to process life and work in tandem.

Getting Things Done – the book – conclusion

The end or just the beginning? The end of the book, yes. But not of my reading it (again and again over). The beginning of my understanding? Not sure. The beginning of my implementing the method? Not yet! Still…

Getting Things Done – the book – part 15

The last chapter of the book is about GTD Mastery, the demonstrated ability to consistently engage in productive behaviors as a means to achieve clarity, stability, and focus when it’s desired or required—no matter what the challenge. While I managed to read the previous 14 chapters, I did not reach that level; far from…

Getting Things Done – the book – part 14

Greater clarity, control, and focus, along with all the resulting personal and organizational benefits associated with that experience. This is the subjective outcome, as perceived by the people who applied the GTD method. But what science has to say about the principles that underlie the methodology?

Getting Things Done – the book – part 13

Does it help get things done? And if so, how do we best utilize it in managing the work of our lives? Can we really use this information in ways that allow us to produce what we want to have happen with less effort? The answer has been a resounding yes. If you want to know what "it" is, read this post.