Post Formats

Many themes no longer support them. Some people actually claim, it’s a largely obsolete feature at this point. Indeed, while premiered in WordPress back in 2011, Post Formats are a powerful feature that is clearly neglected nowadays.

GDPR part 5 – Terms of Use

What is the difference between "Terms and Conditions", "Terms of Service", "Condition of Use", and "Terms of Use"? None, but a personal choice to name this legal binding contract! Now, the name might be irrelevant, but the information contained within this document, namely the agreement, is of crucial importance.

Replacing “Proudly powered by WordPress” with a copyright notice

Unlike Twenty Twenty (the most recent default themes by WordPress), Twenty Seventeen does not come with a copyright notice by default. In fact, it displays a credit link that cannot be removed through the theme settings (i.e. Customizer). How to reclaim the footer area?

Overlaying an image with a transparent one

What about protecting your images behind an invisible wall? The idea is as simple as overlaying your to-be-protected image with a transparent one. Whoever tries to save the image (with a right click) will get the transparent image instead. Nice, but how do you implement this?

Comment form customization reloaded

After customizing my comment form, I kept it unchanged for a while. Armed with rudimentary knowledge of PHP, I start digging into WordPress code (during the redaction of the previous post)… That’s odd!

Customizing the WordPress comment form

WordPress provides a built-in comments system, which includes a comment form. While it is perfectly adequate to engage with your readership, I wanted to tweak it a little bit. Of course, using a plugin to achieve this task was not an option.

Creating a child theme

While it may be tempting to use the built-in theme editor in WordPress to modify your theme, you should NOT. Instead, you should use a child theme. Why is that? How to create one? What is a child theme anyway?

The Customizer (using the Twenty Seventeen theme)

While some customizations can be done elsewhere on the WordPress back end, the Customizer empowers you to do a variety of website-transforming tasks within a very simple interface. The biggest strength of this user-friendly functionality is its live preview feature.


On December 6, 2018, WordPress 5.0 was released. It featured the new editor, called Gutenberg! Despite many hostile reviews, the latter is a substantial leap forward in functionality. How did it affect my workflow?