Site Tools (vs. cPanel) – part 6: WordPress

For a company trying to establish themselves as a real managed WordPress hosting competitor, they had better come with extra features to justify their recent price hike. According to their website, building and maintaining a WordPress site is easy with [their] thoughtfully designed tools. Let’s have a look…

SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools – part 8

Fifteen months after its due date, the long-awaited and so dreaded moment of the switch to Site Tools was finally completed. First thing first, let me check if SiteGround did not break anything.

GDPR part 4 – Privacy Policy

Under the GDPR, you are required to draft a comprehensive, yet simple, Privacy Policy and to make it accessible to your users. Easier said than done!

GDPR part 2 – WordPress privacy release

The clock was ticking – few days left to become GDPR compliant. Fortunately, a WordPress GDPR-compliance team had worked diligently for months to help site owners to that purpose. On May 17, 2018, a privacy and maintenance release was ready – just in time!

Adding a user to my network

Given my choice not to allow any registration in my personal/private network, why did I want to add a new user? After all, being the sole administrator of my Multisite WordPress – the Super Admin for that matter – I have complete control over the entire network. I can do everything! So, why the necessity to add a new user?

A (SiteGround) ticket to hell concl’d

Continuation and ending of this roller coaster of a ticket: after frustration, disillusion and disappointed hopes, I could finally start to see the denouement. Being back to where everything started, with no progress having been made, was a great relief – but not quite satisfactory.

A (SiteGround) ticket to hell cont’d

After struggling with three ineffectual Gurus, I thought this ticket could not get worse. Guru S was about to prove me wrong. By bringing some modifications on his own initiative, he wreaked havoc on an already hopeless situation. This ticket was a goner for sure…

A (SiteGround) ticket to hell

While WordPress Multisite is a powerful feature, it requires higher technical knowledge. After configuring my network to work over HTTPS, I noticed an anomaly limited to the subsite (i.e. not affecting the main site). My inability to fix – or even comprehend – the problem leads me to post a ticket in SiteGround Help Desk…

Making my website work over HTTPS – the proper way

While there are plenty of articles on how to move WordPress from http:// to https://, the documentation on how to set up a brand new installation with an SLL certificate is rather scarce. As a result, I omitted a step, or more precisely took the wrong shortcut. When I wanted to rectify my mistake, it was too late. Was it?

Configuring WordPress (Multisite) Settings

The Settings should not be overlooked since they cover important aspects of your website configuration. However, the wealth of option could be discouraging. Furthermore, the screens in a multisite installation differ from those of a regular WordPress installation.