My dashboard(s) or how I cheat on GTD

Daily to-do lists and simplified priority coding have proven inadequate in dealing with the volume and variable nature of the average person’s workload, according to David Allen. He has a strong opinion on that matter: No More ‘Daily To-Do’ Lists on the Calendar. What does this have to do with a dashboard anyway?

My physical Tickler file

It can be an extremely functional tool, allowing you to in effect set up your own postal service and 'mail' things to yourself for receipt on a designated future date. It is…? It is…? The Tickler file!

My calendar(s)

According to David Allen, a calendar has to be accessible. In keeping with this idea, nowadays, digital calendars are the norm, but are they without disadvantages? And what about the good old paper-based planners? Of course, the choice between a digital or paper daily planner ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs. What are mine?

Do I have a GTD setup 3.0 in the pipes?

The Notion GTD Dashboard is a comprehensive, customizable template that helps you manage tasks, projects, and goals using the Getting Things Done (GTD) method, leading to increased productivity and organization. Looks nice indeed, but it ain’t free!

My OneNote GTD setup 2.0

I managed to accomplish what the OneNote Setup Guide by GTD promised but did not deliver. I simplified my existing setup and turned OneNote into a real, standalone task manager.

GTD in OneNote, my failed attempts

The amazing journey of using Microsoft OneNote for project management is one to behold. From forming to-do lists to setting deadlines and assigning tasks, OneNote is a comprehensive solution. Really? So why do I miss so many task-management features?

GTD using OneNote my way

The essence of GTD is to collect, process and organize information to be ready for the next productivity session completing the most relevant task at that given moment. The most important aspect is getting stuff out of your mind and in to OneNote. However, according to Ståle Hansen, OneNote is great for taking notes. But if you are not structured it becomes just a digital notebook that is equally messy as the physical one, just digital.

Who said there is no Ultimate GTD App?

The right amount of complexity is whatever creates optimal simplicity - David Allen. Fortunately, the extreme complexity of this GTD dashboard is on the back end!

Microsoft OneNote 2016 for Windows Setup Guide

Many people think of OneNote as a tool for storing your non-actionable reference information, but we have found it to also be useful for managing the actionable things as well. This guide will focus on configuring and populating OneNote for your Project lists and plans, Next Action lists, and Reference. This is the promise. How does this guide deliver on them?

How to set up OneNote for GTD?

…providing a comprehensive guide on how to integrate these principles with OneNote (a free digital note-taking software developed by Microsoft). Through integration of the two systems you have the added benefit and ability to note-take wherever you are without a pen and paper whilst supercharging your productivity in all your daily activities. Great, this is exactly what I am looking for.