How to set up OneNote for GTD?

…providing a comprehensive guide on how to integrate these principles with OneNote (a free digital note-taking software developed by Microsoft). Through integration of the two systems you have the added benefit and ability to note-take wherever you are without a pen and paper whilst supercharging your productivity in all your daily activities. Great, this is exactly what I am looking for.

GTD and OneNote _ Crystal Clear Life

Because of her enthusiasm and because her videos are informative, I wanted to share with you this video series in which she shares how [she] use[s] GTD lists in OneNote.

OneNote as my GTD organizer

You have many options for which tools to use for your implementation of the GTD methodology because GTD is tool neutral. The problem is that the options are seemingly endless and with choice overload comes the paradoxical phenomenon of overchoice and analysis paralysis.

My implementation of the GTD method – my INs

In the real world, you probably won’t be able to keep your stuff 100 percent collected all the time. But it should become an ideal standard. And to make sure everything you need is collected somewhere other than in your head, you need the proper tools.

GTD’s initial capture – I call it done

It will take me more than a day week month (year?) to accomplish my exploit. How true! My prediction, or estimation of the time required for such a Sisyphean Augean task, was unfortunately quite accurate. I cannot even call it a successful accomplishment; instead, I should just call it a day.

Another rabbit trail

If I had to set up an emergency workstation in just a few minutes, I would buy an unfinished door, place it on top of two two-drawer filing cabinets (one at each end), place three stack trays on it, and add a paper, pad, and pen. _ David Allen

A rabbit trail

What you don’t want to do is let yourself get caught running down a rabbit trail cleaning up some piece of your work and then not be able to get through the whole action-management implementation process. _ David Allen

My advice about GTD

In my quest for a powerful time management technique, I came across the personal productivity system developed by David Allen. Curious to know more, I read his book Getting Things Done: The art of stress free productivity

Issues about capturing everything

It can be daunting to capture in one location, at one time, all the things that don’t belong where they are. Daunting? That is the least one can say. But it is not only intimidating, it’s also overwhelming. In fact, it seems that I am not the only Newbie stuck at capture.