Second SiteGround Security Report

Will I receive – every month – a notification that I should purchase Site Scanner? This was a question I had before receiving the first Security Report from SiteGround. This was more a figure of speech than an actual question; still, …

SiteGround Monthly Security Reports – I knew it!

It didn’t take me long – when I look at the score breakdown – to realize that I was right. I knew it; still, I needed to get to the bottom of the matter.

SiteGround Website Security Reports

Get a summary of your site security status sent straight to your inbox each month with our new Website Security Report! Our monthly security reports cover everything website-safety related – from the security measures SiteGround has taken to protect your site, to areas you may have overlooked. That’s the promise…

BeCyberSmart webinar

I did Join Hristo Pandjarov, [SiteGround] WordPress Initiatives Manager, to learn which are SiteGround’s latest security innovations, what types of vulnerabilities do they prevent, and how using [there] tools protects [me] and [my] websites. I also had another plan for that webinar…

SiteGround AutoUpdate failed, again!

I experienced the previous update's events repeating exactly. I again unsuccessfully attempted to give the SiteGround tool another chance. When the next WordPress update was released, it failed again. Am I trapped in a time loop that no one else is aware of or am I experiencing déjà vu? By the way, there is no groundhog in my story.

Site Tools (vs. cPanel) – part 6: WordPress

For a company trying to establish themselves as a real managed WordPress hosting competitor, they had better come with extra features to justify their recent price hike. According to their website, building and maintaining a WordPress site is easy with [their] thoughtfully designed tools. Let’s have a look…

Site Tools (vs. cPanel) – part 4: Security

From a company with a security-first mindset – Constant security monitoring and prevention is our standard – this should be one of the most important so-called theme. What are the tools available to prevent attacks?

AutoUpdate tool ruined or delusional?

The best way to mess something up is to try fixing a problem that doesn’t exist. From 400 error to bug to things getting awry, how I ended up giving another chance to this SiteGround tool…

SiteGround AutoUpdate tool ruined

This should have been the part 13 of a never-ending mini-series, namely "SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools". However, I am tired of the many issues with this migration and a more informative title was necessary. Besides, I wanted to keep this unlucky number for the last post on this disastrous Switch!

I am not a robot!

Given the number of brute force attacks that my security plugin blocks, I thought it was another fairy tale by SiteGround. However, when I became a victim of this system, I started to believe that it was probably not a fabricated story. Two questions remain. Why me? Why now?