BeCyberSmart webinar

I did Join Hristo Pandjarov, [SiteGround] WordPress Initiatives Manager, to learn which are SiteGround’s latest security innovations, what types of vulnerabilities do they prevent, and how using [there] tools protects [me] and [my] websites. I also had another plan for that webinar…

SiteGround AutoUpdate failed, again!

I experienced the previous update's events repeating exactly. I again unsuccessfully attempted to give the SiteGround tool another chance. When the next WordPress update was released, it failed again. Am I trapped in a time loop that no one else is aware of or am I experiencing déjà vu? By the way, there is no groundhog in my story.

Site Tools (vs. cPanel) – part 6: WordPress

For a company trying to establish themselves as a real managed WordPress hosting competitor, they had better come with extra features to justify their recent price hike. According to their website, building and maintaining a WordPress site is easy with [their] thoughtfully designed tools. Let’s have a look…

Site Tools (vs. cPanel) – part 4: Security

From a company with a security-first mindset – Constant security monitoring and prevention is our standard – this should be one of the most important so-called theme. What are the tools available to prevent attacks?

AutoUpdate tool ruined or delusional?

The best way to mess something up is to try fixing a problem that doesn’t exist. From 400 error to bug to things getting awry, how I ended up giving another chance to this SiteGround tool…

SiteGround AutoUpdate tool ruined

This should have been the part 13 of a never-ending mini-series, namely "SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools". However, I am tired of the many issues with this migration and a more informative title was necessary. Besides, I wanted to keep this unlucky number for the last post on this disastrous Switch!

I am not a robot!

Given the number of brute force attacks that my security plugin blocks, I thought it was another fairy tale by SiteGround. However, when I became a victim of this system, I started to believe that it was probably not a fabricated story. Two questions remain. Why me? Why now?

SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools – part 12

At this rate, I don’t think that I will need much effort to prove Hristo wrong. I haven’t even started exploring Site Tools; yet, I have already many issues with SiteGround new control panel. Unbelievable or not, even the tools that were great before (the migration) are no more functioning. The other side of the coin is that I will not run out of material for my blog.

SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools – part 11

Nope this post will not be about SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools. Why such a misleading title then? Read on to find out; you may even want to consider reading the previous episode of this never-ending mini-series.

SiteGround New Client Area and Site Tools – part 10

Back in the day, I wrote, In my case, SiteGround takes (good) care of WordPress core updates (both minor and major releases). This was before the migration to Site Tools, of course. I thought that SiteGround successfully migrated my account. I came around since!