SiteGround Monthly Security Reports – I knew it!

Would this feature be nothing more than masked advertising (again), if only to show you how great SiteGround is, or worse would the so-called actionable advice push you to buy SiteGround premium security features such as Site Scanner?CogitActive

Sure enough, the first monthly security report that I received proved me right! In the previous post, I explained what this new feature from SiteGround was, and why I eventually signed up – despite my reluctance to do so. I was indeed convinced that this would be nothing more than masked advertising. Yet, I had to double-check…

Below you will find the last month’s total security score and a breakdown over the different security categories we evaluate for your site

When I saw my score – 72/101 – I was a little upset. I take security seriously and I do everything I can to keep my website(s) safe. As a matter of fact, their security-first mindset was one of the criteria that convinced me to go for SiteGround when I was looking for a hosting provider (see SiteGround).

Security: protection against hackers and malware, among other threats, is paramount!

“So, why did I receive such a poor score? What should be improved?”

Detected security incidents – No active site security incidents – 20/20

Malware prevention – You have no active malware detection service at the moment – 0/20

Of course, below I could find easy-to-follow instructions on what can be done:

You can enable Site Scanner that will automatically scan your website on a daily basis to detect malware injection or hacking attempts. For the highest level of protection, we highly recommend that you use the Site Scanner Premium service.

I’ll spare you the other security areas; enough to say that I had a perfect score for them all, except when I should install (or purchase) some of SiteGround services. Not having their Premium feature leads inevitably to a 0 score. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the listed security areas covered – not by SiteGround, though!

Last, I did receive only a report for; nothing for this blog! The only (not satisfactory) explanation was a little footnote:

This section covers only your main WordPress installation. If you have more installations as part of this site, we highly recommend that you keep all of them added to SiteGround auto updater and you install our Security plugin to each one of them.

I can expect the same report, and score, every month… What a useless feature!

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