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I did not plan to add anything on that matter; my post on SiteGround’s Performance report was sufficient. I did not even subscribe – a pointless action given the content of the report and, equally important, the fact that it will be sent to everybody anyway! So, why this post then? Because of an email from SiteGround:

Is your site fast enough yet? Your Need for Speed Recap

Maybe I missed something. Maybe I should have subscribed to this new report as I did for their Security Report. Because the reports will be sent via email from 15th to 25th of each month, I could still proactively sign up now to be among the first to receive their report. So, will I change my mind after reading this email?

Your site speed is not just a technicality, but a major factor in driving more conversions, improving your SEO rankings, and shaping how customers perceive your brand.The SiteGround Team

Here is what they have to say about their commitment to delivering exceptional website loading speed:

Website speed starts from the ground-up, and at SiteGround, web performance is a creed. Our state-of-the-art network and architecture ensure that online businesses hosted on our platform are fast by default. We offer all the major performance solutions in one place, ensuring that your website is optimized for speed and performance, including:

  • Our platform leverages Google cloud infrastructure for optimal reliability, security, and speed.
  • We optimize server setup with customized PHP and MySQL for high site performance.
  • Our powerful caching technology enables static and dynamic caching, resulting in up to 5x faster sites.
  • We offer the SiteGround Optimizer plugin, preinstalled with out-of-the-box media, front-end optimizations and environmental control for WordPress sites.
  • With our in-house CDN, customers can expect a 20% to 100% increase in website speed.
  • We integrate the latest speed technologies to further enhance website performance.

“So, why should I bother to see the report if everything is already taken care of?”
“Choosing the right host is the first step to ensuring a better website performance. But from there on, to make sure you are using the full power of our speed-optimized hosting service, there are a few things that any website owner can do.”
“Such as?”
“Use SiteGround Optimizer plugin for WordPress sites; Enable Memcached caching to improve your site’s performance; Speed up your site with CDN.”

Of course, I do not use any of these features; hence, my expected low score in the performance report. Interestingly, the email did not mention their newly available Monthly Performance Reports. So, should I change my mind about signing up? Nope!

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