Hoping that gandi.net will come to its senses – no more an option!

As explained in detail in a three-part article entitled gandi.net – disappointing and untrustworthy!, gandi.net – the registrar I entrusted with my domain name, until now – has announced a price change, and more importantly, the end of GandiMail (their free e-mail service offer). So, not only their (domain name) prices have skyrocketed, but keeping my email with them would result in a 646.64 % increase in my expenses. I had, and still have, to find a solution before November 30, 2023.

Among the not-so-many options I have (listed in the last part of the aforementioned article), one was to “wait and see”. There is indeed a precedent with another French company who also wanted to impose the end of their free email services but had to give up given the reaction of their clients. However, a recent email makes me think this will not happen:

Dear Client,

We informed you in an email sent on June 13, 2023 of a change in Gandi’s product offering.

To date, you have not migrated to our new Mail offer which will allow you to ensure the continuity of the email service at Gandi. We would therefore like to remind you that without action on your part, these boxes will be deactivated on November 30.

We therefore encourage you to subscribe, if you wish, to our Mailbox offer (10 GB or 50 GB of storage) or to make arrangements to keep your emails after this date.

Do not hesitate to contact our Support Service if you need help or simply more information: https://help.gandi.net/fr/contact/

We thank you for your confidence.



“Not looking good, right!”

I have till the end of the month to find a solution. The clock is ticking…

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