200th post already!

Not so long ago, 100 weeks ago to be specific, I wrote at the end of my 100th post – a bittersweet celebration!: I look forward to bringing you the next 100 posts and beyond. As suggested by the title, this was no time to celebrate; I often refer to this period as “that fateful summer” indeed. During these trying times, I had to resort to various delaying tactics, such as my Post Formats stratagem, to keep up with the demands of a weekly publication schedule (i.e. every Thursday for this blog). However, I thought this would only be a transition period and that, quickly, I would be back on track. Oh, naïve!

I wanted to provide reassurance that CogitActive remains fully committed to serving you with the highest levels of quality.Alexandre Seillier

Unfortunately, this was not enough; I still had no time to work on the release of my podcast. Worse still, I had to write on some subjects without following CogitActive modus operandi1. Yes, I had to post some low-quality content, which resulted in lowering my traffic (and may even have caused more negative implications for my blog than skipping a few posts would have). I hope that you will forgive me for this. That being said, there were some valuable posts (e.g. Protected excerpt), and three mini-series worth reading:

I am not trying to belittle the content of this blog. Just a lament: I could not work on CogitActive. Two years that everything is on hold. Two years! And I will not be able to resume any time soon. The coming months will be even more challenging and, once again, I have to find a way to cope with my lack of time.

So, once again2, I am asking you to make allowances. The coming posts will be a series of polls. Although you may not learn much from those posts – as opposed to the typical in-depth articles – you still can contribute to improving this blog by sharing your opinion and/or preferences. So, please do…

Last, but not least, I hope that during this period – despite my absolute lack of time – I will be able to read Getting Things Done: The art of stress free productivity and give you my opinion about David Allen’s method.

Looking forward to discovering the results of these polls and, more importantly, to providing insightful information once again in this blog. In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy a summer break and vote for your best… You’ll see.

1 My modus operandi is to study every aspect of a problem – gathering and reading all possible information on the subject matter – before making the most informed decision possible. For the past two years, I didn’t have the time, unfortunately. ^
2 Back then – 2 years ago – I wrote: As for the release of the podcast, I am afraid that I will have to ask you to be a little more patient than you have already been so far. Just don’t give up on me! I am asking you the same today, but for this to happen (i.e. releasing my podcast), I am well aware that I will need a miracle – like the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, but this time with TIME. ^

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