My commitment to GTD

If you follow this blog, you already know that, after reading the book by David Allen, I have resolved to try his Getting Things Done method (see GTD – shall I?). Since then, I am trying to implement it as part of my time management strategy indeed (see Time management concl’d). However, not only am I struggling with my current work overload (see Great on paper, but when it comes to practice…), but also with the initial capturing process (see Cleaning the Augean stables). In short, after several months of filling my IN (during after-hours), I am not done yet.

When I coach a client through this process, the capture phase usually takes between one and six hours, though it did take an entire twenty hours with one person (finally I told him, “You get the idea”). It can take longer than you think if you are committed to a full-blown collection that will include everything at work and everywhere else.David Allen

In his book, David Allen recommends taking two whole days, back to back for this task, ideally a weekend or holiday. Until now, unfortunately, I could not afford such a luxury (i.e., take a weekend off). However, I have met all my current deadlines and there is a tiny window before the next rush. Moreover, I am now completely overworked. Not to mention that my family deserves to see me a bit… Therefore, I have decided to take the coming Easter weekend OFF to tackle this Augean task and to spend some quality time with my baby boy.

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