Holiday break

What is a holiday break for? This question was asked on an eponymous website and answered like this:

The purpose of a holiday is to rest, relax and indulge in activities that give you pure pleasure.

And them to add:

However, with your hectic life, holidays are perhaps the only time you have to finish some housework, or resolve family issues. If this is your case, you’re really just replacing one form of work by another, and you might miss a valuable opportunity to invigorate your body and mind during a holiday stay far from a tiring daily life…


Indeed, my plan for the holidays – believe it or not, these are activities that give [me] pure pleasure – was to work on CogitActive and/or to move forward on my implementing the GTD method. Unfortunately, I did not find the time for either! Don’t even ask if I read the other books by David Allen! As for resting and relaxing, that would have been nice too, but life decided otherwise…

Anyway, let me wish you an:

Happy New Year!

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