No time to read chapter 6

No, I didn’t start the first step of the GTP method yet, namely capturing.

I just had a professional overload and for the past two weeks, I barely had time to go home. No time for my family, no time for me, and I simply didn’t have the slightest opportunity to read the next chapter of the book. I will leave the consequences of such an unbalanced life-work balance to your imagination; just enough to say, that I prioritize a few hours of sleep over my blog.

Now, I am back to a regular schedule and, hopefully, will manage to resume my reading. If my baby boy allows – he was deprived of his dad during the whole period – I should be back on track with my next week’s post (i.e., part 6 of the current mini-series). That being said, I didn’t have the time to start reading chapter six yet!

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