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Before covering time management (in the next post), I would like to stress that a quick and easy way to find time would be to cut some of my activities out. Well, I am not talking about “me” time, here. As already mentioned several times, this one had shrunk dramatically lately; there is not much left to trim (except for some sleep time, but that would be a bad idea). I am not referring to my job-related work either. Of course, I would like to keep what belongs to my job at work, and equally important, during normal work hours. However, I am at a step in my career when this is simply not possible; my work hours have nothing “normal” about them (i.e. not the typical 8-hour workday). Instead, what I could do is to reduce my “CogitActive” time even further.

“Wait a second. You want to reduce your ‘CogitActive’ time to save time in order to have CogitActive back on track. What a nonsense!”

No, what I have in mind has to do with this blog – an outgrowth of CogitActive in reality (see Where to start?)! More specifically, I could change my posting schedule. An old chestnut, right! Keeping up with the demand of a weekly publication schedule (i.e. every Thursday for this blog) is quite challenging indeed. One option could be to post fortnightly instead. This would significantly ease my workload.

Once upon a time, your host decided to start a podcast. However, he did not know what he was walking into… The end
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An even more drastic approach would be to stop posting altogether. When I walked into this podcasting adventure, I didn’t plan on having a blog (among many other things, to be honest). In fact, in Why a podcast?, I explained why I chose podcasting as a content-delivery medium over blogging or vlogging. I also acknowledged – back then – that I was not a natural-born blogger. Unfortunately, this statement remains accurate 176 posts later. Besides, writing in a foreign language is not easy, and what is more a time-consuming, task. I am neither a natural-born blogger nor a native English speaker, for that matter.

Blog vs YouTube vs Podcast
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Therefore, in keeping with prioritization (a key topic that will be covered in my next post about time management techniques), I could stop working on this blog to free some time and use this how-needed extra time to work on my podcast instead. However, this would be an admission of failure. Moreover, as already alluded to once, even though I am running out of time, I am not short of writing material.

To sum up, either option would allow me to save a substantial amount of time. However how tempting they might be, I don’t want to go that way (either way, in fact). I worked so hard to keep up with my weekly publication schedule that I am nowhere close to giving up now. Therefore, I have no other choice but to optimize my time and be as productive as possible; hence, my inquiry about time management.

I wanted to provide reassurance that CogitActive remains fully committed to serving you with the highest levels of quality.Alexandre Seillier

Next week: Time management

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