One last thing about being a micro-entrepreneur

… resuming the story.

Whatever the amount of money you make (and the way you earn it), you have to declare all your incomes . . . the best option ended up creating an independent activity as a micro-entrepreneur.

As alluded to in the other obligations post, having a dedicated bank account was1 one of the requirements when you become a micro-entrepreneur. While this will be the connecting thread of this mini-series, there is still one missing piece for the scene to be set and my story to start.

You must open, within one year of your registration, a bank account dedicated to your micro-entrepreneur activity (separate from your personal bank account).

Automatic striking off

For the story to come, it is important to understand that the decision to become a micro-entrepreneur imposed itself on me when I secured a mini-contract as a consultant. A one-time thing, unfortunately! At the time, my podcast project was nothing but a nice idea and this blog did not even exist. In other words, after my initial declaration (see Social security contributions), all the other declarations were just not to pay the penalty fee:

In the absence of turnover, you are required to make your online declaration and mention 0 for the period concerned (month or quarter). In the absence of a declaration, a penalty will be applied to you for each missing declaration.

When I decided to start a podcast and launched myself into this venture, I didn’t know much about podcasting. Critically, I didn’t know that there were many things to put together (or even to learn) and, when you don’t have a dedicated team to work for you, this takes a lot of time (see The Who and the When). Choosing the path of most resistance, together with the do-it-yourself solution, obviously did not help on that matter.

After announcing that I was going to start a podcast, it still took me a year and a half to finally launch my first episode.Pat Flynn

Although the micro-entrepreneur status comes with many benefits (e.g. free registration process), there are some drawbacks (e.g. paying your social contributions based on turnover, not profits). In keeping with income, it is worth mentioning that if you declare no turnover for a period of two years, you lose the status. Indeed, a ‘micro-enterprise’ is automatically struck off if there is no turnover for 24 months.

Cancellation in case of absence of turnover for 24 months.

If, as a micro-entrepreneur, you do not achieve any turnover for 24 consecutive months or 8 calendar quarters, you will be automatically removed from the micro-entrepreneur system. You will be notified by mail before you are removed.

A donation button

With this in mind, I had no choice but to find a way to earn some money, quickly (i.e. I could not wait for the release of my podcast). Naïvely2, I thought that having a Donate button on my blog would do the trick. I was not expecting much, maybe just enough to pay for my domain name. The most important – for now – was not to be removed from the micro-entrepreneur system.

For the sake of this story, all I need to tell you is that I asked my wife to show [her] support with a 5 € contribution. Don’t get me wrong, as acknowledged elsewhere, without her, CogitActive wouldn’t be existing! The whole point of this was to receive an “official” income (as a professional blogger, hence a micro-entrepreneur). In addition, this was a good way to check whether the buttons were working properly.

This was done the last quarter before the aforementioned deadline. Now, I just had to declare my five-euro turnover and pay my social contributions. That simple… at least that is what I thought!

To be continued…

1 This is not the case anymore if your turnout is below 10,000 € per year. In fact, you can continue to use your personal account as long as this threshold is not exceeded for two consecutive years. Then, you must open a separate account. ^
2 Either you do not enjoy this blog, do not like it ad-free, or do not find its content valuable; whatever the reason, you didn’t show you support yet (see footer). ^

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