New Year’s resolution

According to Wikipedia, 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail, despite the fact that 52% of the study’s participants were confident of success at the beginning. However, people who failed their New Year’s Resolutions admitted they had unrealistic goals, […] did not keep track of their progress, and […] claimed they made too many resolutions. Nonetheless, this period remains the best time of the year – as far as the success rate is concerned – to make life changes plan(s). So, what could my goal for 2022 be?

As usual, I have (too) many resolutions – a cause of failure, right (see above) – but I have one that I hold so dear in my heart! It has to do with my podcasting adventure. Now, while I would love to release my podcast in 2022, what I have in mind, instead, is just to resume the CogitActive Saga.

Audio file + RSS feed = Podcast
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Why not the former objective you may wonder? After all, I was so close, back in 2020, to launch it (see 100th post – a bittersweet celebration!). Let me underscore another reason for non-success with New Year’s resolutions: “unrealistic goals”. Unfortunately, having my podcast ready, or more specifically having a new episode each month, fits into this category; things aren’t yet back to normal and my heavy workload would not allow me to accomplish this.

“What does resuming the CogitActive Saga mean then?”

The first is literally to resume the CogitActive Saga. Can you believe that my last post from this epic story dates back to July 2, 2020? Granted, I posted a few interesting articles about WordPress (e.g. Post Formats and Protected excerpt) or SiteGround (i.e. the mini-series on Site Tools) since; still, most of the other posts were not as helpful as my usual in-depth, informative articles. The second is to have CogitActive back on track. While I barely managed to keep my weekly posting schedule during this period, I had to put everything else on hold. Eighteen months, I did not do anything podcast-related indeed.

Podcating involves mulitple disciplines: sound engineer, composer, graphic artist, web-designer, writer, among others.
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The problem is that I didn’t have time (neither “me” nor “CogitActive” time) since that fateful 2020 summer (see 100th post – a bittersweet celebration!) and the situation will not improve in the coming months. For that matter, I have spent my season’s holidays working on job-related things instead of spending quality time with my family (or doing something for my podcast for that matter)! Sounds like a déjà vu (see Change of plan), right!

A day has 24 hours, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

So, how will I find the time? How to deal with the “one-man staff” issue (see The Who and the When) and a demanding, full-time job? Without compromising on the already far too limited time I am devoting to my loved ones, of course. Cutting on my sleep further would not be wise; still, I may have to go through this desperate measure. In the coming posts, I will let you know which approach(es) I have opted for. For now, let me just wish you:

Happy New Year!

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