No post – no regret

Given the ever-growing stack of things to do urgently at my work, I should have spent another weekend there trying to cope with this busy time (see Great on paper, but when it comes to practice…). However, after several weeks of uninterrupted overtime work (without compensation) – except for the Easter weekend when I was at the bedside of my ailing baby boy – I decided to take my weekend off.

I could have worked on my implementing the GTD method; not to mention CogitActive. Instead, I decided to spend quality time with my family. I enjoyed two full days with my boy who was feeling a lot better. I did not manage to get anything done; still, I have no regret. I would not trade his laughter for all the money in the world!

La plus perdue de toutes les journées est celle où l’on n’a pas ri.Nicolas Chamfort
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