A rabbit trail

Being at home for the weekend, I could resume my never-ending Augean task (see Issues about capturing everything). I only had a few hours; still, I could have finally completed the initial capture. I was about to start another “tower” with a box – as my baby boy calls my pilling of all my stuffs around my desk (because my in-tray was full on day one and I had to build extra piles everywhere around). However, when I saw its content, I did something that I should not have done

This was my gardening box.

I am talking about micro-scale gardening here; only window boxes (with or without a balcony depending on the apartment). The weather was nice and I could not resist; I ended up gardening with my kiddo – another quality time with him (see No post – no regret). I did enjoy it, and compared to our previous apartment (the reason of the box), there was a little more space (aka a balcony), so we could do some “real” gardening. Not much progress on my implementation of the GTD method, though!

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