Quick update on Skiff’s Mail

We will be closing down Skiff’s product suite after a 6-month sunset period.Skiff Team

This was three weeks ago! Since that notification, a lot of people got very upset. This doesn’t change much, except that Skiff added one sentence to their notification: “Only automatic mail forwarding will continue to operate for a 12-month sunset period.” Beware, this doesn’t mean that the sunset period is extended! My point here is not to wait too long; not even till the end of the 6-month sunset period.

Here is another important thing worth mentioning. They will not automatically transfer your account to Notion. Why? There are a few possibilities here. Number 1, this is because they are not immediately transitioning to a Notion product. Remember, it took Notion about two years to launch their calendar after the acquisition of Cron. Number 2, they may have some principles after all; by not moving your info to Notion, they respect their privacy-first claims! Number 3, there will be no email functionality in Notion; yet, this seems unlikely.

Notion Mail could be coming soon – like their Notion calendar experience the focus has been driving users from outside of the application. This could be a perfect opportunity to re-purpose the Skiff Mail and build a Hey Email type competitor app.Francesco D’Alessio
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