Meditation YES, Black Lotus app NO

As you may know, I started meditation – not so long ago – when I needed to fix my sleep and increase my focus. I was, and still am, using the Black Lotus app, and, as stated in my post entitled Meditation – is it working?, it really does help. I can see the benefits daily (and the opposite effect when I don’t take the time to meditate). Therefore, when I received an email informing me that my subscription would be renewed in a week, I didn’t think twice; I wanted to continue using the app and meditate.

Your subscription will renew soon

This is a friendly reminder that your BLACK LOTUS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED subscription for Evolve will automatically renew on February 27, 2024. Your payment method on file will be charged at that time.

If your billing information has changed, you can update your payment details now. Or if you would like to cancel, please please visit our website.

Questions? Visit our support site at or contact us at

But what about the renewal price? I could not find any info on that matter. I also needed to change my payment method to avoid any problems. So, I tried the provided link to do so (i.e., update your payment details). It did not work. I tried to find my account – on their websites, on the app – but not to avail. Therefore, I contacted them via their support email.

I received a response after the renewal was completed – too late, of course – explaining to me that I should go to Manage Subscription on the ‘Me’ page to renew my subscription. There I could only see this message:


You have full access to all goals till 27 February 2025

There was no access to anything, no option or link, and definitively not my account. This was true before, and still after: nothing but the fait accompli! In the past, I was at least receiving a receipt, but this time nothing! At the time of this writing, I still do not know how much I have been charged!

Now, this is not the first time I have to face such a practice (see SiteGround Auto-renewal). However, SiteGround has this section in their terms of services (under “6. Fees and Payment”):

6.8. You acknowledge and agree that your payment details shall be stored by our payment providers to process payment for any SiteGround Service(s) you purchase or renew.

I have read the Terms of Service for the Black Lotus app – an estimated 20-minute read, according to them. It is stated (under section 5. Subscriptions) that:

Subscriptions will be automatically renew [sic] under the exact same conditions unless you cancel it or Black Lotus Technology Pvt. Ltd. cancels it.

The exact same conditions! If that is true, I should be charged 1,299 Indian Rupees.

Of note, they also specify (under section 7. Fee changes) that Black Lotus Technologis Pvt. Ltd. will provide you with a reasonable prior notice of any change in Subscription fees to give you an opportunity to terminate your Subscription before such change becomes effective.

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