Black Lotus app follow-up


You have full access to all goals till 27 February 2025

As explained in the previous post, with no access to my account, I had no choice but to accept the fait accompli. No way! With no idea about the renewal price and no control whatsoever, I was not going to continue using the Black Lotus app. Therefore, I contacted the support again, asking 1) to cancel this renewal (charged without my consent anyway 1) and 2) to remove my credit card info from their system. Here is their answer:

Dear Alexandre,

Thank you for writing to us.

We do not store card information. Card information is stored in the Play/App store.

The renewal of subscription can only take place if the user has elected to renew automatically when subscribing in the past.

Please make sure you have updated the App. You will be able to Manage Subscriptions through the App. However, if you have trouble doing so, you can also manage subscriptions through the Play/App store.

First, how come they store my card info on the Play/App store? I did not pay via the store when I subscribed the first time (nor when I renewed my subscription a year later), but via a link they sent me (and Stripe). I don’t even keep any card in the store because I do not use any app that requires any sort of payment (and I never had to pay anything). I do not trust these services anyway to let them keep my card info.

Second, there is no way that I elected to renew automatically when subscribing in the past because when I did it via the Stipe payment (see above), no such option was offered/available. That being said, in their Terms of Service it is written Subscriptions will be automatically renew [sic] under the exact same conditions unless you cancel it. However, how to cancel it when the online account management page they referred to in their Terms of Services (to cancel your Subscription renewal) does not exist?

Third, this was the topic of my first ticket a year ago, and my second ticket a month ago: I do not have any access to any sort of account – neither within the App nor anywhere for that matter! They never answered my request. The first time, they sent me a link to pay for my renewal (see above), the second time, they told me that I should go to Manage Subscription on the ‘Me’ page in the App.

Things go round and round in circles

Last, but not least, if the App (when I go to Manage Subscription on the ‘Me’ page) tells me that I have full access to all goals till 27 February 2025 – meaning that the renewal was successful – but 1) they don’t have a payment method on file (be it on Stripe, the Play/App store, or their server), 2) I have not received any receipt 2, and 3) I cannot find any track of such transaction anywhere, who paid for it?

1 This was before I read their Terms of Service and discovered that 1) Subscriptions are automatically renewed and 2) paid Subscription fees are nonrefundable. ^
2 For my first renewal, I did receive a receipt indeed. ^

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