Black Lotus app – last update

More than two weeks after the forced renewal of my subscription, I was still with no answer to my tickets and left with a mystery (see Black Lotus app follow-up). The good news was that I had full access to all goals till 27 February 2025 without paying anything. Of course, this could not last… Here is the subject of the last email I received from the Black Lotus Team:

A good news and an invitation

Needless to mention there was no good news in that email, quite the contrary. When I went to Manage Subscription on the Me page (within the App), the initial message about my subscription being valid until February 2025 was indeed replaced with an invitation to unlock all packs and features for an entire year.

As you can imagine, the App was now locked – with no other option but to subscribe. No access at all indeed! What about the “good news”, you might wonder? They unlocked 3 days of Premium access just for me! How generous. But to use these 3 days, you have to subscribe!!! Sure… With a price as high as 113 euros now – it used to be 14 euros – there is no way I click on Subscribe.

Time to look for a new meditation App.

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