Summer polls: a flop

As explained in 200th post already!, I had to find a way to cope with some very challenging weeks. To keep up with the demands of my weekly publication schedule (i.e. every Thursday), I decided to publish some polls. I thought that it could be interesting to know more about your preferences on the topics covered in this blog (e.g. best category, best tag). I did also add polls about your favorite mini-series (in this blog) and ask what your preferred post is. Granted, these were not as fun as the typical summer ones – I did not ask about your favorite cocktail or best vacation destination for that matter – and done hastily. Nonetheless, I was expecting some participation. However, as of today, I can say that this summer poll attempt was a flop. I cannot even share the results with you. I didn’t receive a single vote!

Don’t worry, I am stopping this fiasco now; there will be no more polls for now. However, I don’t even know what next week’s post will be about. Indeed, this delaying tactic did not even provide me with enough time to read more about Getting Things Done. Needless to say, I am still facing a drastic lack of time! Any suggestion?

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